Today`s photographer has a very distinct and usual way of looking at the world through his camera and his images have a way of grabbing your attention. Please welcome :


I am based in South West Birmingham, right on the Worcestershire border. I’m a committed amateur with no aspiration to be paid for anything (photographic) that I do – at least not this side of retirement 😉

I shoot all sorts of subjects but my Art Nude work seems to be very well received in the places that I like to publish. I also shoot bits and pieces of ‘oddness’ and these are my favourite pieces of work. I’m very fond of the above image for example.

Returning to my Art Nude work, I strive to be published at the quite wonderful 1x.com and have been fortunate to be published 19 times there. The second of my images on view here has received over 65 thousand unique views – it’s a good place to get your work seen!

The image I’m probably most pleased with is the humble fish shot (Third shot ) , It may look simple but I haven’t been able to pull something like this off again – despite having tried many times.

QUESTION 1 : ” Why is photography important to you  ? “

I’m creative at heart but not at all artistic in an ‘Arts and Crafts’ way – photography allows me an outlet for that creativity. I also enjoy the degree of control you have in the process.

QUESTION 2 :  ” What do you find most challenging about your photography ….. Whats your motivation ? “

 Focus! ……… I had laser surgery on my eyes which has left me with some deficit and my 5D MKII is useless at AF!

What’s my motivation? A couple of years ago I joined the website community http://www.dpchallenge.com; the (now three times weekly) competitions there have driven my photography. I’ve done OK in gaining some ribbons and I rank in the all-time top 50 in terms of 1st, 2nd and 3rds earned.I probably keep my most comprehensive portfolio there too.Though I have to say the challenge themes have pushed me to take images that I wouldn’t hang on my wall!

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

In terms of another photographer who inspires me – that quite easy. Check this guy out:


I love, love, love this stuff.

Many Thanks to Paul for sharing his images and thoughts.

If you`d like to see more of Paul`s images follow the link :


ATB Karl


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