Back in  April I had the chance to shoot the small but beautifully formed …. JESS BOND

Jess is a wonderful model to work with …….. she`s polite, attentive and fun which makes the process so much easier.

The above shot was taken in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham on a beautiful bright Sunday morning in April 2011 and the general plan was to walk around with Jess and see what locations were available that might make for a good picture. The early morning spring sun was a little too harsh so I decided  that flash and brolly  was the order of the day and for the Strobist`s out there …… the SB28 strobe with shoot through umbrella was positioned on camera left and as close to Jess as possible at about 1/8 power.

When looking at the images at home this one really stood out and it reminded me of the `old Cadbury Flake adverts` , so I decided to try and process it with them images in mind.

The next image had a very different feel to it and I wanted to really emphasize one of her best attributes ….  Jess`s eyes , no matter how many pictures you take her eyes always look vibrant and alive and so during the processing I smoothed and groomed everything but her eyes which where left sharp to make them jump out of the picture.

ATB Karl


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