A different view – KEIGO KATO

Knowledgeable , Inspiring and Helpful …. These three ingredients very rarely come together in one photographer …… but my next guest on the A Different View Interviews has them in abundance.

Please welcome KEIGO KATO    

I’m Keigo Kato – Birmingham based photographer. I took up photography back in 2006 after meeting a part time travel photographer, part time poker player(!) during my travel in Vietnam. His simple yet powerful portraits struck me, and I still draw inspiration from those images. They were very simple, yet contained bagful of emotion and drama. Truly wonderful stuff. Such a shame I lost his card during the trip… Nowadays, when I hit a mind block, I think of those images, and remember to go back to basics, keep it simple, and focus on the subject. Works like a charm. Anyway… I think i diverted a little here. Erm, my areas of photography ranges from PR, advertising, portrait and weddings. I’d love to do more landscapes/wildlife photography, but I’m lazy, and I just ain’t the self motivating type to get up in the morning in time for beautiful sunrises. I tend to operate better when I’m near-ODing on tea with the sun shining!

QUESTION 1 : ” Why is photography important to you  ? “

It’s a great and (relatively) easy way of communicating my ideas and visions (when I say easy, I mean it’s easier than painting!). I started photography in the digital age, so learning curve, while still steep, was nothing as slow and expensive as if I was learning in the film days. Now, when I see something in my head, I have a pretty good idea of how to achieve that look. So I can set up, take the shot, and there it is. That immediate sense of achievement can’t be achieved in many other media. I’m possibly answering a different question, but since my workflow is almost exclusively digital, I guess it can be taken as one and the same thing?

QUESTION 2 :  ” What do you find most challenging about your photography ….. Whats your motivation ? “

2 words – “Originality” and “Consistency”. Like everything in life, originality is so hard to achieve in society where almost everything has been tried already. Still, I try to create something new (at least to me) and original into each shoot, whether it’s the concept, styling, processing, or just a pose or expression. At the same time, I still like to maintain a certain degree of consistency in my photographs, so viewers (the few of those who care) can unknowingly identify them as my work. The balance between the 2 is an on going dilemma, and a very fun challenge.

Whats your motivation? To meet lots of pretty people, of course (joke!) My motivation is to please the viewers. Good photography is darn hard to achieve. Coming up with the concepts, getting to know the clients’ needs, building towards a shoot and working out the logistics, building rapport with the subjects/client on the day, the shoot itself an last an entire day with lots of heavy gear (read sore back and feet), then hours of editing/processing, etc… BUT, after all that hard work, seeing the joys (on those rare occasions when it happens!) on their faces as they first see the finished images – that’s my motivation right THERE!

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

There are so many. But I’m gonna go with Joey Lawrence  http://www.joeyl.com/  I love his work and style. It’s amazing to see someone so young to have such a distinctive and accomplished style. This guy is like a bottomless pit of talent!

Many thanks to Keigo for sharing his insights and thoughts on his photography

If you would like to see more of Keigo`s work please follow the links :


ATB Karl

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