the sarah shoot

I recently had the chance to photograph Sarah Beech

Sarah is a lovely model from Shrewsbury who was hard working and has a very distinct look.

The shoot was arranged by the inspiring partnership of  Deb and Steve of  Tiptop studios  who always seem to `come up with the goods ` and deliver interesting and unusual things for my viewfinder to focus on and let me say a big thank you to them now.

The first thing to strike me about Sarah was her height, she was 5`8″ in her bare feet …. but with what looked like 10″ platform heels she made for a dominating figure in front of the camera. The second thing was the electric blue hair …….. bit hard to miss really.

During the first few shots I was trying to somehow make the height a feature but this was`nt happening  and I suppose in hindsight I could have brought in some form of prop in to give some indication of scale but whether it would have worked is anybodys guess.

What Sarah did have was the keen ability to make great shapes with her posing so I concentrated on trying to get her to make triangles which not only emphasized her figure but also added to her strong dominant look.

When processing the image I was very conscious that with a grey background and her all black outfit, pale skin and blue hair that it would look like a B&W image with selective colour added to the blue hair. This was something I was hoping to avoid but no matter what I tried it soon dawned on me that this image was always going to give that impression.

The next image I actually like more,  due to the fact that this image is closer to what I was hoping to achieve, I love the angles of the pose and  the fact her waist looks tiny.

The processing on this image was a deliberate attempt to try and get away from the `selective colour` look but I am still undecided as to whether the `tint` is working or not . I think I will return to this image at a later date when it`s not so fresh in the mind and have another play.  It can be good to return to an image 6 months or so later and try something different often this can have a ” Why did`nt I think of that before “ moment or the worst case scenario ” That image is crap, why did I bother in the first place ” . Luckily I have`nt had to many of the latter.

ATB Karl


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