A Different View – Deb Underhill

Today it`s the turn of DEB UNDERHILL who has the distinguished honour of being the first lady photographer to be featured in the `A Different View ` inteviews.

My name is Deb Underhill, I own TipTop Photography along with my husband Steve. I am based in the creative Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham where I work out of a purposely designed studio.

I am a professional photographer who specialises in ‘people photography’. I have a passion for capturing an individual’s personality in the images that I take. For me, communication is the the key and I feel it gives me a creative edge ….. if I can put someone at ease, then this will shine though on the images I produce.

I live with my husband, crazy dog Charlie and old dog Molly – at times I’m not sure who causes me the most work, my husband or the animals! I love my home, there is nothing more I enjoy after a hard day’s work than kicking my shoes off and cuddling up on the sofa with a glass of something nice!

Long term, I am hoping to take the wedding industry by storm, I am a real girly girl and love the hype of weddings….watch this space.

QUESTION 1 : ” Why is photography important to you  ? “

Photography allows me to express myself in a way that nothing else does. I get to tell a story ….. the story through my eyes ……… It doesn’t matter if I am photographing children in the studio or guests at a wedding, I convey the excitement and emotion that I see and capture it forever. For that one split second in time that will never repeat itself I can embrace what I see. I get to archive a moment that will never be repeated.

QUESTION 2 :  ” What do you find most challenging about your photography ….. Whats your motivation ? “

I find photographing people a joy and it comes naturally to me as I am a ‘people person’. but I sometimes find that  landscapes, buildings, products etc. are a challenge on a whole different level. I am creative and I can see what I want to achieve but the lack of social interaction means I need to find new ways to create the emotion I`m looking for in all my images. To me, working with other photographers at TipTop Photography proves a fantastic balance – we each have our individual strengths which make a winning team being able to provide our clients with all the services they require.

My motivation is seeing the end result of a photo shoot and knowing my clients will love the images as much as I do. Seeing my work published is also another big motivator, whether that be in a magazine, hanging on someone’s wall or simply a profile picture on a social media site.

When photographing people, I genuinely want to know something about them. I feel it’s a privilege to be allowed to photograph someone and in return I want to give them image which I feel is of  equal or greater value.

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “



Of course, my husband’s photography work is something that I look at and learn from on an ongoing basis. I also love to watch Keigo Kato at work – he is a genius with lighting and always produces stunning results.

Many thanks to to Deb for sharing her thoughts and insight into her work.

If you would like to contact Deb, here`s the links :




ATB Karl


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