A different view – Ken Harrison

Ok for the next instalment we have a photographer who uses film and he uses it to great effect , please enjoy the photography and thoughts of :


Hi I`m a semi-professional photographer ( I have a day job as Construction Consultant ) based in Smethwick in the West Midlands. I shoot Landscapes, Architecture and Live music events. I shoot mostly with traditional film cameras ( in 35mm and medium format ) in black and white, which is processed and printed in my darkroom. I use a digital camera for the Live music  (although I am currently experimenting with fast film for gigs).

QUESTION 1 : ” Why is Photography important to you ? “

Photography is very important to me. I have always been interested in photography and the visual image, although only really got into it in my mid 20s and have built up my interest over the last 20 years. Photography gives me the creative outlet I don’t get from the 9-5 which is usually spent behind a monitor. The landscape and architecture photography gets me out and about (so there’s a certain amount of health and fitness in there as well!) and seeing the world around me whether it is a desolate beach or landscape or a built up urban scene and I enjoy capturing something of the environment in my pictures.

I have always had a passion for music, especially live music. I have always taken cameras to gigs to attempt to get pictures of my musical heroes and capture the memory of the show. Nowadays, I shoot for Birmingham Live! and get into gigs in an official capacity as the photographer, which feeds two passions and therefore I have the best of both worlds

QUESTION 3 :   ” What do you find most challenging about your photography ….. whats your motivation ? “

There’s always another photographer! Many of the subjects I shoot are historic (sometimes pre-historic) and trying to find a different view of a lump of rock or an old factory now that’s a real challenge. I try to make the best pictures I can, which is what keeps me going back to places again and again to get something different. As I also use film for most of my photography, that does offer something different now that everyone has a digital camera and is now a photographer (no offence!), although film is enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment, that “unique-ish selling point” may not be so unique for long.

QUESTION 3 : ” Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

It has to be Dave Butcher, who is an Ilford Master Printer and shoots exclusively in Black and white, his work is inspirational. Dave is based in the Peak District and runs photographic and darkroom workshops and I am looking to get myself booked on one to learn from one of the best. http://www.davebutcher.co.uk/index.php

Many Thanks to Ken giving us an insight to his work.

ATB Karl



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