Portrait Of Louise

Those nice people at `Birmingham Loves Photographers ` were so happy with the entries for the first round of their `portrait challenge` that they decided to do it again and gave it the really inspiring title ……` Round  Two `.

This time I was paired up with photographer Louise Holgate and after the first attempt to meet up failed due to unforeseen circumstances we finally managed to meet in a car-park round the back of a WILKINSONS which was close by for both of us. Not a very glamorous location I grant you but having used this car-park for shopping etc I had often thought it might have some potential …. lots glass and modern architecture and I hoped Louise could draw some inspiration from it also.

Knowing the location, I kinda had this shot in mind and was hoping to keep within my `environment portrait ` theme,  this time though I wanted to try something different and that was to highlight the face of my subject and dial down the ambient light so that the face would be the most prominent feature of the picture but still try and keep the surroundings as interesting as possible.

After the first few shots I was using quite a wide angle to try and create some perspective to road but I was feeling that the road was`nt that interesting so I decided to zoom in to about 70mm to compress the image and bring the road further forward in the frame I`m not entirely sure this has worked but it has made for an interesting image none the less.

I would like to thank Louise for making time from her busy schedule so that we where able to meet and take a few pic`s.

If you`d like to see the rest of the pictures entered for round two of the Portrait Project including Louise`s picture of me follow the link :  http://birminghamphotographers.tumblr.com/post/10663919556/portrait-project-round-2-pictures

ATB Karl



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