A Different View – Wayne Hutchinson

Continuing with the theme `A Different View ` This time it`s the turn of  :


Hi , my name is Wayne Hutchinson and I am a semi professional photographer based in Gloucester, my area of photography is Fashion, Commercial and Lifestyle. I’ve always had passion and energy when it came to creating images and as a child I was forever sketching photo’s of 1940’s movie stars or images from fashion magazines my mother had bought home.

Jump forward a few decades and that creativity is still within me after having various careers over the years in screen printing, reprographics, display exhibition, graphics & web design, my passion to create and work with images is as strong as always.

The transition to photography seemed natural to me, I’ve  been shooting for three years and at the end of my first year won an award for depicting the heritage of Gloucester for the Civic Trust. (Ship in dry dock).

QUESTION 1: ” Why is photography important to you “

Photography is important to me Because it helps fuel my creative imagination, it’s also a good way For people to take a look through my eyes so to speak, see what I see. I always feel great when I’m out with my camera whether on a paid commission or just out and about. It never feels like work or a chore.

When I’ve been out shooting all day, I come back exhausted but have a smile on my face because I’ve captured or created something special, I think we can all relate to that.

QUESTION 2 : ” What do you find most challenging about your photography ….. Whats your motivation ? “

I try not to have any challenges with my photography, preparation is key to a smooth shoot. I scout locations and look for possible problems such as space, available light, power outlets if any, access to WC for clients or models and permission to shoot on location etc.

I think I’ve been lucky so far but also doing lots of test shoots has helped a great deal. Not only to improve skills but more so to make mistakes & learn from them, so when I get a paid job I know what I’m doing from a production stand point, and I get to expand my personal work. (Well that’s the plan anyway).

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

There are a lot of photographers that inspire me, and each are totally different. It’s tough to come up with just one so i’ll name two photographers that keep drawing me back to see what latest projects they’ve done.

Nick Onken is great at capturing life and fun in his shots. Link : Www.nickonken.com

And also commercial photographer Dave Hill  has a great mixture of photography and photoshop skills that just blows me away. Link : www.davehillphoto.com

Many thanks to Wayne for sharing his photography and thoughts

If you`d like to contact or see more of Waynes work follow the links :

WEBSITE : www.whutchinsonphotography.com

EMAIL : wayne.whp@gmail.com

TWITTER : http://twitter.com/waynehutchinson


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