The Luke shoot

I recently had the chance to shoot Luke Carl Baker.

To start here`s a few words from Luke :

Hi everyone,

I’m currently an aspiring model, whose specialist areas are fitness, physique, commercial and music video. I’m a charismatic, vibrant individual whom strives for the best in life. I’m currently completing my MSc in Paediatric physiology whilst juggling my passions and talents in Latin & Ballroom dancing and track and field. I love the thrill and excitement of being in front of camera, and I thrive in pressure working environments. If you would like to consider me for future photo shoots or model work, please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07531341425, or by email: Secondly if you feel you would like to become a student in one of my Zumba/Latin fitness classes, it would be great to hear from you.

The shoot took place at the New TipTop studios …. …. They run a small and laid back photo club to which I`m a member and it was the first Club shoot to be held in their brand new studios and may I say a big thank you to Steve and Deb for making this shoot happen.

You may have gathered that the picture at the top was not actually shot in the studio……..  but in their car park .

” Why ”  I can here you ask,  did you shoot outside when there is a lovely big studio, full of lights and equipment just waiting to be played with …. well the answer is simple ……

Steve ( the owner/boss/top bloke ) ….  hates us

and he also hates Luke , see how he made him remove his shoes ( cruel )

Just kidding  , the real reason is …. when you have four models and  fifteen photographers in one studio … mayhem ensues ….. so Steve did the right thing and kicked half of us outside.

So after the first few ` getting to know you ` shots I was sorely lacking in inspiration then somebody had the brilliant idea of getting him to sit on the wall ,  at last I felt this was something I could work with …. great sky as a backdrop ( how many times can you say that in England ) and if Luke could give a killer pose  I felt we could have a picture here.

It`s strange that with one small change to the angle of approach and …. all of a sudden the ideas start flooding in.

For next shot we all moved into the studio where Luke was patiently waiting to be photographed against a stunning graffiti wall that Deb and Steve had commissioned by two local graffiti artists.

Having shot against graffiti backdrops before albeit not in the studio I know it can be difficult to separate the subject from the background  and all to often they tend to blend together and look messy. So I decided to move Luke away about ten feet and light the background separate and have a second light source high above him to really bring out those abdominal muscles also if I`d had the time ( Club shoots are always on a time limit, I think we had ten minutes )  I would have gridded a speedlight and positioned it to lighten the face and perhaps another on the rear right to give a little more `rim` light.

But overall I`m very happy with the result and I think the photo does have some depth to it.

ATB Karl

One thought on “The Luke shoot

  1. Karl – another fab blog entry, awesome images of Luke.

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