Taking the Pooch

This is my `Hound from Hell `……….. he`s a Siberian Husky…. but he thinks he`s Steve McQueen from `The Great Escape` always looking to get out ………and when he gets out does he try to blend in and not be noticed ? does he hide in bushes so as not to be detected ……… No ……….. he runs down the middle of the road frightening the life out of oncoming motorists and yours truly.

Now I do have some sympathy for him, being the pet of a photographer is not an easy life. Not only do you have do all the cute stuff but you are also a model on call 24/7 and everytime your owner wants to test a new lens or is bored …  your the one who is going to get it.

Now the picture above has one technical aspect which I think might be worth mentioning … it was taken using the `pop-up` flash on the front of my camera. Now this piece of `lighting equipment` has to be the most lambasted of them all with every knowledgeable photographer believing you should be burnt at the stake for using it and for nearly all situations their absolutely right.

The one thing this small bare harsh flash does is enhance details , now if your taking a picture of a human face this is not a good thing and it will also bounce off the reflective surfaces of the flesh giving an all round horrible light but in the case of pooch picture above enhancing the details of the fur is a good thing … no reflective surfaces here….and it also gave a nice catch light to the eyes.


My second Pooch picture is of ` Freedom`

Sadly no longer with us. He was a working Greyhound who was tossed aside like so many before him when he was no longer profitable for his owner.

Luckly he was rescued by a friend of mine who made sure his last years where full of love and happiness.

This image was one of the first where I felt the `crop` actually enhanced the picture, you can imagine my delight that this small `photographic manipulation` could do to an otherwise average photo and like every photographer before me who finds something that works , I went on a `cropping ` frenzy for the next six months ……. luckly I`m over it …… but only just.

ATB Karl


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