Today`s photographer has a very distinct and usual way of looking at the world through his camera and his images have a way of grabbing your attention. Please welcome :


I am based in South West Birmingham, right on the Worcestershire border. I’m a committed amateur with no aspiration to be paid for anything (photographic) that I do – at least not this side of retirement ūüėČ

I shoot all sorts of subjects but my Art Nude work seems to be very well received in the places that I like to publish. I also shoot bits and pieces of ‘oddness’ and these are my favourite pieces of work. I’m very fond of the above image for example.

Returning to my Art Nude work, I strive to be published at the quite wonderful 1x.com and have been fortunate to be published 19 times there. The second of my images on view here has received over 65 thousand unique views – it’s a good place to get your work seen!

The image I’m probably most pleased with is the humble fish shot (Third shot )¬†,¬†It may look simple but I haven’t been able to pull something like this off again – despite having tried many times.

QUESTION 1 :¬†‚ÄĚ Why is photography important to you ¬†? ‚Äú

I’m creative at heart but not at all artistic in an ‘Arts and Crafts’ way – photography allows me an outlet for that creativity. I also enjoy the degree of control you have in the process.

QUESTION 2 : ¬†‚ÄĚ What do you find most challenging about your photography ‚Ķ.. Whats your motivation ? ‚Äú

¬†Focus! ……… I had laser surgery on my eyes which has left me with some deficit and my 5D MKII is useless at AF!

What’s my motivation? A couple of years ago I joined the website community http://www.dpchallenge.com; the (now three times weekly) competitions there have driven my photography. I’ve done OK in gaining some ribbons and I rank in the all-time top 50 in terms of 1st, 2nd and 3rds earned.I probably keep my most comprehensive portfolio there too.Though I have to say the challenge themes have pushed me to take images that I wouldn’t hang on my wall!

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

In terms of another photographer who inspires me – that quite easy. Check this guy out:


I love, love, love this stuff.

Many Thanks to Paul for sharing his images and thoughts.

If you`d like to see more of Paul`s images follow the link :


ATB Karl



Back in ¬†April I had the chance to shoot the small but beautifully formed …. JESS BOND

Jess is a wonderful model to work with …….. she`s polite, attentive and fun which makes the process so much easier.

The above shot was taken in the¬†Jewellery¬†Quarter of¬†Birmingham on a beautiful bright¬†Sunday morning in April 2011 and the general plan was to walk around with Jess and see what locations were¬†available¬†that might make for a good picture. The early morning spring sun was a little too harsh so I decided ¬†that flash and brolly ¬†was the order of the day and for the Strobist`s out there …… the SB28 strobe with shoot through umbrella was positioned on camera left and as close to Jess as possible at about 1/8 power.

When looking at the images at home this one really stood out and it reminded me of the `old Cadbury Flake adverts` , so I decided to try and process it with them images in mind.

The next image had a very different feel to it and I wanted to really¬†emphasize one of her best attributes ….¬†¬†Jess`s eyes , no matter how many pictures you take her eyes always look vibrant and alive and so during the processing I smoothed and groomed everything but her eyes which where left sharp to make them jump out of the picture.

ATB Karl

A different view – KEIGO KATO

Knowledgeable , Inspiring and Helpful …. These three ingredients very rarely come together in one photographer¬†…… but my next guest on the A Different View¬†Interviews has them in abundance.

Please welcome KEIGO KATO    

I’m Keigo Kato – Birmingham based photographer. I took up photography back in 2006 after meeting a part time travel photographer, part time poker player(!) during my travel in Vietnam. His simple yet powerful portraits struck me, and I still draw inspiration from those images. They were very simple, yet contained bagful of emotion and drama. Truly wonderful stuff. Such a shame I lost his card during the trip… Nowadays, when I hit a mind block, I think of those images, and remember to go back to basics, keep it simple, and focus on the subject. Works like a charm. Anyway… I think i diverted a little here. Erm, my areas of photography ranges from PR, advertising, portrait and weddings. I’d love to do more landscapes/wildlife photography, but I’m lazy, and I just ain’t the self motivating type to get up in the morning in time for beautiful sunrises. I tend to operate better when I’m near-ODing on tea with the sun shining!

QUESTION 1 :¬†‚ÄĚ Why is photography important to you ¬†? ‚Äú

It’s a great and (relatively) easy way of communicating my ideas and visions (when I say easy, I mean it’s easier than painting!). I started photography in the digital age, so learning curve, while still steep, was nothing as slow and expensive as if I was learning in the film days. Now, when I see something in my head, I have a pretty good idea of how to achieve that look. So I can set up, take the shot, and there it is. That immediate sense of achievement can’t be achieved in many other media. I’m possibly answering a different question, but since my workflow is almost exclusively digital, I guess it can be taken as one and the same thing?

QUESTION 2 : ¬†‚ÄĚ What do you find most challenging about your photography ‚Ķ.. Whats your motivation ? ‚Äú

2 words – “Originality” and “Consistency”. Like everything in life, originality is so hard to achieve in society where almost everything has been tried already. Still, I try to create something new (at least to me) and original into each shoot, whether it’s the concept, styling, processing, or just a pose or expression. At the same time, I still like to maintain a certain degree of consistency in my photographs, so viewers (the few of those who care) can unknowingly identify them as my work. The balance between the 2 is an on going dilemma, and a very fun challenge.

Whats your motivation? To meet lots of pretty people, of course (joke!) My motivation is to please the viewers. Good photography is darn hard to achieve. Coming up with the concepts, getting to know the clients’ needs, building towards a shoot and working out the logistics, building rapport with the subjects/client on the day, the shoot itself an last an entire day with lots of heavy gear (read sore back and feet), then hours of editing/processing, etc… BUT, after all that hard work, seeing the joys (on those rare occasions when it happens!) on their faces as they first see the finished images – that’s my motivation right THERE!

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

There are so many. But I’m gonna go with Joey Lawrence ¬†http://www.joeyl.com/¬†¬†I love his work and style. It’s amazing to see someone so young to have such a distinctive and accomplished style. This guy is like a bottomless pit of talent!

Many thanks to Keigo for sharing his insights and thoughts on his photography

If you would like to see more of Keigo`s work please follow the links :


ATB Karl

the sarah shoot

I recently had the chance to photograph Sarah Beech

Sarah is a lovely model from Shrewsbury who was hard working and has a very distinct look.

The shoot was arranged by the inspiring partnership of  Deb and Steve of  Tiptop studios  who always seem to `come up with the goods ` and deliver interesting and unusual things for my viewfinder to focus on and let me say a big thank you to them now.

The first thing to strike me about Sarah was her height, she was 5`8″ in her bare feet …. but with what looked like 10″ platform heels she made for a dominating figure in front of the camera. The second thing was the electric blue hair …….. bit hard to miss really.

During the first few shots I was trying to somehow make the height a feature but this was`nt happening  and I suppose in hindsight I could have brought in some form of prop in to give some indication of scale but whether it would have worked is anybodys guess.

What Sarah did have was the keen ability to make great shapes with her posing so I concentrated on trying to get her to make triangles which not only emphasized her figure but also added to her strong dominant look.

When processing the image I was very conscious that with a grey background and her all black outfit, pale skin and blue hair that it would look like a B&W image with selective colour added to the blue hair. This was something I was hoping to avoid but no matter what I tried it soon dawned on me that this image was always going to give that impression.

The next image I actually like more,  due to the fact that this image is closer to what I was hoping to achieve, I love the angles of the pose and  the fact her waist looks tiny.

The processing on this image was a deliberate¬†attempt¬†to try and get away from the `selective colour` look but I am still¬†undecided as to whether the `tint` is working or not .¬†I think¬†I will return to this image at a later date when it`s not so¬†fresh¬†in the mind and have another play. ¬†It can be good to return to an image 6 months or so later and try something different often this can have a ” Why did`nt I think of that before “ moment or the worst case¬†scenario¬†” That image is crap, why did I bother in the first place ” .¬†Luckily¬†I have`nt had to many of the latter.

ATB Karl

A Different View – Deb Underhill

Today it`s the turn of DEB UNDERHILL who has the distinguished honour of being the first lady photographer to be featured in the `A Different View ` inteviews.

My name is Deb Underhill, I own TipTop Photography along with my husband Steve. I am based in the creative Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham where I work out of a purposely designed studio.

I am a professional photographer who specialises in ‘people photography’. I have a passion for capturing an individual’s personality in the images that I take. For me, communication is the the key and I feel it gives me a creative edge ….. if I can put someone at ease, then this will shine though on the images I produce.

I live with my husband, crazy dog Charlie and old dog Molly – at times I’m not sure who causes me the most work, my husband or the animals! I love my home, there is nothing more I enjoy after a hard day’s work than kicking my shoes off and cuddling up on the sofa with a glass of something nice!

Long term, I am hoping to take the wedding industry by storm, I am a real girly girl and love the hype of weddings….watch this space.

QUESTION 1 : ” Why is photography important to you ¬†? “

Photography allows me to express myself in a way that nothing else does. I get to tell a story ….. the story through my eyes ………¬†It¬†doesn’t¬†matter if I am photographing children in the studio or guests at a wedding, I convey the excitement and emotion that I see and capture it forever. For that one split second in time that will never repeat itself I can embrace what I see. I get to archive a moment that will never be repeated.

QUESTION 2 : ¬†‚ÄĚ What do you find most challenging about your photography ‚Ķ.. Whats your motivation ? ‚Äú

I find photographing people a joy and it comes naturally to me as I am a ‘people person’. but I sometimes find that ¬†landscapes, buildings, products etc. are a challenge on a whole different level. I am creative and I can see what I want to achieve but the lack of social interaction means I need to find new ways to create the emotion I`m looking for in all my images. To me, working with other photographers at TipTop Photography proves a fantastic balance – we each have our individual strengths which make a winning team being able to provide our clients with all the services they require.

My motivation is seeing the end result of a photo shoot and knowing my clients will love the images as much as I do. Seeing my work published is also another big motivator, whether that be in a magazine, hanging on someone’s wall or simply a profile picture on a social media site.

When photographing people, I genuinely want to know something about them. I feel it’s a privilege to be allowed to photograph someone and in return I want to give them image which I feel is of  equal or greater value.

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “



Of course, my husband’s photography work is something that I look at and learn from on an ongoing basis. I also love to watch Keigo Kato at work – he is a genius with lighting and always produces stunning results.

Many thanks to to Deb for sharing her thoughts and insight into her work.

If you would like to contact Deb, here`s the links :




ATB Karl

Helmut and me

The following post contains some Nudity, so to protect those with a sensitive nature I`ve passworded it.

For those of you who are not offended by this type of image the password to the post is :


ATB Karl

Protected: Helmut and me

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A different view – Ken Harrison

Ok for the next instalment we have a photographer who uses film and he uses it to great effect , please enjoy the photography and thoughts of :


Hi I`m a semi-professional photographer ( I have a day job as Construction Consultant ) based in Smethwick in the West Midlands. I shoot Landscapes, Architecture and Live music events. I shoot mostly with traditional film cameras ( in 35mm and medium format ) in black and white, which is processed and printed in my darkroom. I use a digital camera for the Live music  (although I am currently experimenting with fast film for gigs).

QUESTION 1 : ” Why is Photography important to you ? “

Photography is very important to me. I have always been interested in photography and the visual image, although only really got into it in my mid 20s and have built up my interest over the last 20 years. Photography gives me the creative outlet I don’t get from the 9-5 which is usually spent behind a monitor. The landscape and architecture photography gets me out and about (so there’s a certain amount of health and fitness in there as well!) and seeing the world around me whether it is a desolate beach or landscape or a built up urban scene and I enjoy capturing something of the environment in my pictures.

I have always had a passion for music, especially live music. I have always taken cameras to gigs to attempt to get pictures of my musical heroes and capture the memory of the show. Nowadays, I shoot for Birmingham Live! and get into gigs in an official capacity as the photographer, which feeds two passions and therefore I have the best of both worlds

QUESTION 3 : ¬† ”¬†What do you find most challenging about your photography ….. whats your motivation ? “

There‚Äôs always another photographer! Many of the subjects I shoot are historic (sometimes pre-historic) and trying to find a different view of a lump of rock or an old factory now that‚Äôs a real challenge. I try to make the best pictures I can, which is what keeps me going back to places again and again to get something different. As I also use film for most of my photography, that does offer something different now that everyone has a digital camera and is now a photographer (no offence!), although film is enjoying something of a resurgence at the moment, that ‚Äúunique-ish selling point‚ÄĚ may not be so unique for long.

QUESTION 3 : ”¬†Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you¬†think we should checkout ? “

It has to be Dave Butcher, who is an Ilford Master Printer and shoots exclusively in Black and white, his work is inspirational. Dave is based in the Peak District and runs photographic and darkroom workshops and I am looking to get myself booked on one to learn from one of the best. http://www.davebutcher.co.uk/index.php

Many Thanks to Ken giving us an insight to his work.

ATB Karl


Portrait Of Louise

Those nice people at `Birmingham Loves Photographers ` were so happy with the entries for the first round of their `portrait challenge` that they decided to do it again and gave it the really inspiring title ……` Round ¬†Two `.

This time I was paired up with photographer Louise Holgate and after the first attempt to meet up failed due to¬†unforeseen¬†circumstances we¬†finally¬†managed¬†to meet¬†in a¬†car-park¬†round the back of a¬†WILKINSONS which was¬†close by for both of us. Not a very glamorous location I grant you but having used this car-park for shopping etc I had often thought it might have some potential …. lots glass and modern¬†architecture and I hoped Louise could draw some inspiration from it also.

Knowing the location, I kinda had this shot in mind and was hoping to keep within my `environment portrait ` theme,  this time though I wanted to try something different and that was to highlight the face of my subject and dial down the ambient light so that the face would be the most prominent feature of the picture but still try and keep the surroundings as interesting as possible.

After the first few shots I was using quite a wide angle to try and create some perspective to road but I was feeling that the road was`nt that interesting so I decided to zoom in to about 70mm to compress the image and bring the road further forward in the frame I`m not entirely sure this has worked but it has made for an interesting image none the less.

I would like to thank Louise for making time from her busy schedule so that we where able to meet and take a few pic`s.

If you`d like to see the rest of the pictures entered for round two of the Portrait Project including Louise`s picture of me follow the link :  http://birminghamphotographers.tumblr.com/post/10663919556/portrait-project-round-2-pictures

ATB Karl


A Different View – Wayne Hutchinson

Continuing with the theme `A Different View ` This time it`s the turn of  :


Hi , my name is Wayne Hutchinson and I am a semi professional photographer based in Gloucester, my area of photography is Fashion, Commercial and Lifestyle. I’ve always had passion and energy when it came to creating images and as a child I was forever sketching photo’s of 1940’s movie stars or images from fashion magazines my mother had bought home.

Jump forward a few decades and that creativity is still within me after having various careers over the years in screen printing, reprographics, display exhibition, graphics & web design, my passion to create and work with images is as strong as always.

The transition to photography seemed natural to me, I’ve ¬†been shooting for three years and at the end of my first year won an award for depicting the heritage of Gloucester for the Civic Trust. (Ship in dry dock).

QUESTION 1: ”¬†Why is photography important to you “

Photography is important to me Because it helps fuel my creative imagination, it’s also a good way For people to take a look through my eyes so to speak, see what I see. I always feel great when I’m out with my camera whether on a paid commission or just out and about. It never feels like work or a chore.

When I’ve been out shooting all day, I come back exhausted but have a smile on my face because I’ve captured or created something special, I think we can all relate to that.

QUESTION 2 : ‚ÄĚ What do you find most challenging about your photography ‚Ķ.. Whats your motivation ? ‚Äú

I try not to have any challenges with my photography, preparation is key to a smooth shoot. I scout locations and look for possible problems such as space, available light, power outlets if any, access to WC for clients or models and permission to shoot on location etc.

I think I’ve been lucky so far but also doing lots of test shoots has helped a great deal. Not only to improve skills but more so to make mistakes & learn from them, so when I get a paid job I know what I’m doing from a production stand point, and I get to expand my personal work. (Well¬†that’s¬†the plan anyway).

QUESTION 3 : “ Name another professional or amateur photographer , who you think we should checkout ? “

There are a lot of photographers that inspire me, and each are totally different. It’s tough to come up with just one so i’ll name two photographers that keep drawing me back to see what latest projects they’ve done.

Nick Onken is great at capturing life and fun in his shots. Link : Www.nickonken.com

And also commercial photographer Dave Hill  has a great mixture of photography and photoshop skills that just blows me away. Link : www.davehillphoto.com

Many thanks to Wayne for sharing his photography and thoughts

If you`d like to contact or see more of Waynes work follow the links :

WEBSITE : www.whutchinsonphotography.com

EMAIL : wayne.whp@gmail.com

TWITTER : http://twitter.com/waynehutchinson